Letter to Azar Nafisi

Dear Dr. Nafisi, I hope this letter finds you well. I am reluctant to begin this letter only because I know it would be incomplete – if not terribly long – were I to express my full and sincere reflection. After considerable deliberation, I decide to compromise: I am to justly compress my views to […]

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Reflection: 1

Why must all action be declaration? Could things not realize without announcing/pronouncing their realization? I exist, yes. But it is not merely that I exist that concerns me – for I find myself attempting to ascertain this affirmation. So I continue: It is the case that I exist… and so on and so forth. Somewhere, […]

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Document as per my resignation

I put this post forward as my first step of taking self-accountability, and as an inessential public statement that I resign my position as a bag lady. It’s true. I’m a hoarder. Not your usual kind. Okay, maybe your usual kind. However, I’m an eclectic hoarder – I like to diversify, since I always have […]

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